About Us

Connecting Devon to the World

For over 20 years Devon Development Education has been working with schools and communities, aiming to help children and people of all ages understand the big issues in the world and their involvement in them; make links with the ‘global village’ within and outside Devon; and work together for a more just and sustainable world.

We work in schools and the community across Devon, Torbay and Plymouth offering varied projects that seek to inform, educate, challenge and critically think about our interconnected world and the individual impacts of our behaviours and actions. We provide training, resources, conferences for pupils, teachers, organisations and communities.

Support Us

We are appealing to supporters and everyone who appreciates our work to consider making a regular donation to DDE, especially to help cover our core costs.

Currently we raise about £500 per month from donations. If we could increase that to £750 per month it would go a long way to cover our funding gap.

If you are unable to commit to a regular donation, then of course a one-off donation will be much appreciated.

You can donate online via CAF Donate or contact DDE for other ways of making a payment.

Thank you very much for your support.

DDE reminds Devon that we are part of the wider world and influenced and enriched by the world.

DDE supporter
June 2020

I love DDE. They are the light that shines upon Devon and the guardian angel of the community with all its skin colours and shades.

Extract from DDE survey
May 2020

Our team

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    Desmond Kumar – Chair

    Julian Davey – Vice Chair

    Fiona Readman – Treasuer

    Amal Ghusain, Carolyn Hallett, Susan Kay, Andrew North

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    Sue Errington – Coordinator

    Sandhya Dave – Cultural Champions Coordinator

    Victoria Everett – Administrative Officer

    Hilda Kalap – Project Coordinator, Telling our Stories

    Jessica Huffman – Community Heritage Coordinator for Honiton 

    Ghee Bowman, Wendy Milne