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    3 June 2023
    Challenging Legacies
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    29 May 2020
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  • Home Learning Sculpture

    Make your own sculpture

    8 May 2020
    This is a challenge set for this boy by his school. First he had to draw as many different 2…
  • Record your own music video

    8 May 2020
    Thousands of young people around the world are working on the new Voices Around The World remote learning music/video project.…
  • Paddington Postcards

    Paddington Postcards

    7 May 2020
    Our Unicef postcard was from Indonesia today. It told us about Sophia who lost her home and school in a…
  • Artefact Box 3 min

    Fun with Artefact Boxes

    5 May 2020
    Last week these children explored China and Uganda from their own home and were able to ask and answer their…
  • Marpool 29 04 20

    Floating Garden

    29 April 2020
    The Practical Action website offers an activity on building a floating garden which the children at Marpool Primary in Exmouth…
  • Useful learning resources …

    24 April 2020
    There are several organisations which provide a range of resources ... Into Film: resources and recommended films to explore a…
  • Stories to read and listen to …

    24 April 2020
    In lockdown we have been designing our own hair styles, this story could help children decide on the hairstyles they…
  • TOSFOR Devon Challenges

    24 April 2020
    Telling our Stories Finding our Roots – Devon have a series of Family Challenges Family Photo Challenge: Are you ready…
  • Help with Zoom

    24 April 2020
    Using Zoom If you've never used Zoom before (completely free to download), here's a nice little video made by a dementia friendly group, offering…
  • News from overseas … Uganda

    23 April 2020
    Covid-19 and Uganda We have the NHS ... our colleagues and friends in Uganda are not so fortunate and are…
  • Announcements

    24 January 2019
    Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 27th February to 12th March, and a programme of Community Events are planned throughout Devon. These…