Celebrating Windrush – Library Late

Date: 22/06/2024
Time: 18:00
Until: 21:30
Venue: Exeter Library, Castle Street, Exeter EX4 3PQ

Come and join us to celebrate the many and varied contributions of Windrush generations, both locally and nationally!

This is a free event for families and people of all ages, with a range of different activities, taking place throughout the library.

Activities for the evening:

  • Music is essential to create the Caribbean atmosphere! There will be a DJ, celebrating all the different genres which Caribbean artists have shared with the UK and the world over the past 76 years and more. Plus a dance workshop, showcasing a traditional Caribbean dance.
  • This event is in the library so a review and discussion about the literary heritage of the Caribbean is very appropriate! Plus books for children explaining Windrush.
  • Poetry and personal stories, written and delivered by members of the Devon Windrush Group. We welcome the Plymouth poet of Caribbean heritage to give a live performance of her poems.
  • Our exhibitions tell the local and national Windrush stories, including the heroes who came and fought alongside British military in WW2. Our new exhibition, working title ‘The Other Windrush’, tells the story of indentureship on Caribbean islands, when thousands of workers from India, China and some from Portugal, were recruited to replace the now freed enslaved people. This explains the exciting/amazing/unexpected diverse heritage of so many British people of Caribbean heritage.
  • The Caribbean influence of our everyday food is unmistakeable. We will show our ‘Not-Just-Rice-&-Peas’ videos, where chefs cook their family-traditional food.
  • Craft workshops for people to sit and be creative – working co-operatively to create a ‘Celebrating Windrush in Devon’ banner; also trying our hands at a Caribbean lenticular paper craft.