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Uganda’s Covid-19 lock-down and the poor harvest has left many families struggling to feed themselves. This appeal is a small effort to help some hungry children, pupils at Food For Thought schools, and their families … see also

£30 will feed a family of 5 for 14 days, providing maize flour, beans, cooking oil, salt – and soap for hand washing. 100% of donations will be sent to Uganda and all will be used to buy food and cover the small transport costs (approx £15 for 10 families). There are no over head costs in the UK.

Food will be bought in the local town by our Food For Thought co-ordinators, Godfrey Kisakye in Mubende and Beatrice Okumu in Tororo. They will deliver the food directly to the families in their homes. The families have been identified from the Food For Thought schools, where we have been involved for several years. Godfrey and Beatrice worked with their colleagues and the head teachers to identify the most needy families.

These families tend to be headed by elderly widows, caring for their young, orphaned grand children.

Our initail target was £6000, to provide food for 200 families, from 20 Food For Thought schools but  the need is still there and donations are still welcome

You can donate via our Virgin Money Giving page. Thank you for your support ... including those who took part in the cycle challenge

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Further background information.

Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy – but just now, children and families are going hungry. This is due to bad weather, most probably linked to climate change, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

President Museveni immediately recognised the danger of the pandemic and closed borders, schools and the country in late March. This policy has been amazingly successful with only 4,101 confirmed cases and 44 deathss reported from the virus! (as of 10th September 2020)

But children and families have really suffered. The 1st season’s harvest has been very poor, so food is scarce. The on-going lock-down means that people who need to work every day to earn money, as day-labourers for local farmers or as traders selling goods in weekly markets, have no work and so cannot earn money to buy food to feed their families.

DDE’s Food For Thought (FFT) programme works with many rural primary schools in Mubende and Tororo Districts. Our co-ordinators report seeing a lot of hunger and distress.

So, this appeal is a very small effort to help some of the children and their families who are hungry.

100% of donations will be sent to our FFT co-ordinators, Godfrey and Beatrice, to buy food and distribute to 10 families in each of 10 schools, in each district, so 200 families initially.

£30 will feed a family of 5 for 14 days, providing:

  • 25 kgs of maize flour (to make posho),
  • 7 kgs of beans,
  • 1 litre of cooking oil,
  • some salt
  • plus a bar of 4 pieces of soap

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