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I am from Cordoba, Andalusia (Spain). I have a Degree in Drama and Social Work and I had the opportunity to worked as a Social Worker with children and teens in Spain before I moved to the UK in 2012. I also have some experience of working as a Drama Teacher and Drama Director. Some of my drama training comes from the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ and physical theatre. These two branches have allowed me to get very important educational and personal tools to work with and offer to others.

Becoming a Cultural Champion has show me how important it is to be connected with your own culture but also to feel proud, to show and share with the rest of our local community with the purpose of find similarities or just learn about different cultures. Some of my work as Cultural Champion can offer you traditional dancing called ‘Sevillanas,’ story telling, songs and music, Spanish cooking, language learning and celebrating festivals such as ‘Spanish Easter Festival’ with it’s region specific rituals.