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Hi! I am Nadia Lewis-Gorton. I am Jamaican born and have lived in several countries across the Caribbean experiencing diverse cultures for years before moving to the UK 4 years ago. I hold a master's from The University of Exeter in Special Education. Before transitioning to Education, I worked in the Telecommunications Industry, where a significant portion of my job was training. I am currently a home-school practitioner and provide consultation in this area. I also offer consultation in the area of diversity in teaching practices.

As a cultural champion, I have visited primary and secondary school across Devon to share information on Windrush as well as Jamaica and the Caribbean in general. In doing this work I have realised the importance of promoting my own culture as well as learning about other cultures and the British Culture in particular.  I believe like the Dalai Lama " If we wish to ensure everyone's peace and happiness we need to cultivate a healthy  respects for the diversity  of our peoples and cultures, founded on an understanding of the fundamental  sameness of all human beings."