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Climate Crisis Quiz
Quiz and answers for printing; Quiz (with answers) as a PowerPoint

Fairtrade Climate Crisis Factsheets (basis of the Garden Trail):
Dried Fruits and Nuts
Climate Crisis and COP26 - PowerPoint based on the factsheets

Terminology Challenge
Terms and defintions for matching
The matched terms
The terms with examples

Recordings of talks
Climate Change - Brazil
Climate Change - Media Engagement
Climate Change - Positive Tipping Points

Plant trees to help pupils and planet: Trees in Food for Thought schools in rural Uganda

How do we teach children and young people about the Climate Crisis and COP26 in a responsible way? CoDEC Schools Newsletter

Update from St Vincent since the volcanc eruption.

Links to follow up
Traidcraft - source of Fairtrade products https://www.traidcraftshop.co.uk/
Reclaim Our Common Home: CAFOD's new campaign is a response to Pope Francis’s call for a new way of thinking about the world https://cafod.org.uk/reclaim 
Parliament in your Parish - meet you MP to discuss climate issues https://cafod.org.uk/piyp
Chatham House Climate change risk assessment 2021 https://www.chathamhouse.org/2021/09/climate-change-risk-assessment-2021
Exeter Living Lab - Using systems thinking to unlock value and to improve the climate resilience of places. https://resiliencebrokers.org/about/
Exeter Living Lab - Systems Map https://kumu.io/James543/exeter-living-lab#exeter-living-lab-systems-map
Pivot Projects - developing new tools, insights, and approaches to problem solving to achieve 2050 Net Zero and UN Sustainable Development Goals https://www.pivotprojects.org/

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