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These resources are from the FAIR COP session on 18th October

Photograph Challenge
The Jamboard for discussion.

Recordings of the talks

Melanesia (PowerPoint)
Mali (PDF)

Links to follow up

The Melanesian Mission, is a mission agency which supports the Anglican Church of Melanesia in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, through prayer, people and giving. Although not an environmental agency, the charity is increasingly working to support the church in climate change adaptation, and to raise awareness for the catastrophic effects of rising sea levels, increased air temperature and unpredictable weather patterns, and their knock-on effects on food security, migration and conflict. www.mmuk.net

COVID-19 – A Dress Rehearsal For Climate Change – The Melanesian Mission UK (mmuk.net) – includes eight actions to take

Recognising & Preparing for Climate Change – The Melanesian Mission UK (mmuk.net)

Climate Change – Unforeseen Effects on Diet and Health – The Melanesian Mission UK (mmuk.net)

Walande the Final Story - Walande the Final Story film

Other films on climate change www.mmuk.net/films

The Joliba Trust supports grassroots development work with farming and cattle-raising communities in some of the most marginal areas in Mali. Their particular focus is on projects to help women and environmental work to sustain rural livelihoods. Joliba funds self-help development work in over 200 villages. Their projects include training in maternal health and nutrition; environmental work to sustain livelihoods and improve food security; tree planting, pasture regeneration, dune stabilisation, and the provision of wells and water.


Photographs of their work https://www.jolibatrust.org.uk/gallery

The Exeter Growers Cooperative rents 4 acres of organic land on the SW edge of Exeter, near Shillingford. The Co-operative strives to promote understanding, enjoyment and sustainable use of the land, especially through organic food production.