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These resources are from the FAIR COP session on 15th November

Recordings of the talks
Summary - Andrew Bell, DDE
The Science - Jeff Ridley, Met Office
The Economics - Molly Scott Cato, Green Economist
The Campaigning - Adam Musgrave, Oxfam
The Q & A session - Panelist and Audience

PowerPoint presentations
The Campaigning

Links to follow up
Met Office resources on COP26 https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/climate/cop/index
Common climate change questions and answers https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/climate-change/climate-change-questions

Green steel: https://greenworld.org.uk/article/green-steel-key-uks-climate-emergency-plan
Greens call for UK ‘climate crisis cabinet’ to push through urgent climate action https://www.greenparty.org.uk/news/2021/11/15/greens-call-for-uk-climate-crisis-cabinet/
Green Party paper: Making Reparation for a History of Colonialism and Enslavement https://www.greenparty.org.uk/assets/files/Communications/COP26_Climate_Reparations.pdf

Oxfam Petition: Demand action now to prevent catastrophic climate change https://actions.oxfam.org/great-britain/cop26-mp-action/email-representative/

Short Oxfam videos as part of their The Human Impact of Climate Change teaching resource
Ghana - The sea eroded all the vast land https://youtu.be/VXM3F_5REd8
Kenya - I am and environmentalist and clmate activist https://youtu.be/N1iKg2Ug3Zk
UK and Malawi - I'm looking forward to seeing change https://youtu.be/EJH054VFIQ4
Burkina Faso - Women and Climate Change https://youtu.be/DqpFboRHD7c
Guatemala - Luca's life without rain https://youtu.be/zcpJ67jQ9JQ

Suggested Actions
From the Audience
- Methane: don’t throw food waste into landfill, eat less meat and dairy.
- Push our government to show leadership in the remainder of its COP presidency: increased aid, #StopCambo, no Cumbrian coal miWatch out for an Oxfam campaign targeting MPs.
- Understand our history: why do we have a moral debt?<
- Ask our government to sign up to the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance and commit the UK to the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.
- Read the Green Party press release at https://www.greenparty.org.uk/news/2021/11/15/greens-call-for-uk-climate-crisis-cabinet/
For the Government
- A commitment to introduce a ‘climate test’ for all government projects leading to the scrapping of those incompatible with urgent climate action. This means no £27bn road building project, no more airport expansion and no additional oil, gas and coal.
- Task the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) with an urgent review of ongoing and proposed fossil fuel subsidies with a view to immediately ending them.
- Immediately reverse the cut to the UK’s overseas aid budget and secure funding for climate reparations, in recognition of the harm already caused by the climate crisis, and to compensate countries in the Global South for the loss and damage caused by the changing climate and build a green economy for the future.
- Commit the UK to the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
- Sign up to the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance - an international coalition of governments led by Denmark and Costa Rica and stakeholders working to facilitate the managed phase-out of oil and gas production

FAIR COP image 1st NovemberThese resources are from the FAIR COP session on 1st November

Climate Justice Quiz
Quiz and answers for printing; Quiz (PowerPoint with answers)

Recordings of the talks
Fridays for Future
Climate Change and the impact of 1.5°C
Corporate Courts

Links to follow up

Fridays for Future Exeter – Green New Deal for Devon https://www.fffexeter.co.uk/gnd

Petition … "Betrayal." That's how young people around the world are describing our governments' failure to cut carbon emissions. Greta Thunberg, Vanessa Nakate, Dominika Lasota, and Mitzi Tan are sending urgent call to world leaders to finally face up to the climate emergency. https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/climate_action_now_loc/

Tearfund Take a Stand Campaign … In 2021 young people are using their voices to speak up against the climate crisis, asking world leaders to choose people and planet over profits, by limiting a rise in global temperatures to 1.5℃. https://wearetearfund.org/takeastand/#form

Global Justice Now
Petition … Don’t let corporate courts block climate action
Campaign briefing … Climate injustice: How corporate courts  block climate action
Investigating the impact of corporate courts on the ground: case studies (videos)

FAIR COP 18th October image

These resources are from the FAIR COP session on 18th October

Photograph Challenge
The Jamboard for discussion.

Recordings of the talks

Melanesia (PowerPoint)
Mali (PDF)

Links to follow up

The Melanesian Mission, is a mission agency which supports the Anglican Church of Melanesia in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, through prayer, people and giving. Although not an environmental agency, the charity is increasingly working to support the church in climate change adaptation, and to raise awareness for the catastrophic effects of rising sea levels, increased air temperature and unpredictable weather patterns, and their knock-on effects on food security, migration and conflict. www.mmuk.net

COVID-19 – A Dress Rehearsal For Climate Change – The Melanesian Mission UK (mmuk.net) – includes eight actions to take

Recognising & Preparing for Climate Change – The Melanesian Mission UK (mmuk.net)

Climate Change – Unforeseen Effects on Diet and Health – The Melanesian Mission UK (mmuk.net)

Walande the Final Story - Walande the Final Story film

Other films on climate change www.mmuk.net/films

The Joliba Trust supports grassroots development work with farming and cattle-raising communities in some of the most marginal areas in Mali. Their particular focus is on projects to help women and environmental work to sustain rural livelihoods. Joliba funds self-help development work in over 200 villages. Their projects include training in maternal health and nutrition; environmental work to sustain livelihoods and improve food security; tree planting, pasture regeneration, dune stabilisation, and the provision of wells and water.


Photographs of their work https://www.jolibatrust.org.uk/gallery

The Exeter Growers Cooperative rents 4 acres of organic land on the SW edge of Exeter, near Shillingford. The Co-operative strives to promote understanding, enjoyment and sustainable use of the land, especially through organic food production.


Climate Change and Trade min

These resources are from the FAIR COP session on 4th October

Climate Crisis and Trade Quiz
Quiz and answers for printing; Quiz (with answers as a Powerpoint)

Terminology Challenge
The Jamboard for matching examples to definitions
The matched examples

Recordings of the talks
Fashion and Climate Change
FAIR COP Coffee Thinking

Presentation on Fashion and Climate Change (PowerPoint)

Links to follow up
Coffee Farmers speak out on Climate Change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzk5GpOPx7s.
Cafedirect podcast: Building Better Business explores how we can all take a step towards creating a more sustainable and socially-conscious world through enterprise. https://www.cafedirect.co.uk/podcast/
B2B Coffee Initiative: Factsheet
Guide for Coffee Producer's: Adaptation to Climate Change

a fair cop min

Climate Crisis Quiz
Quiz and answers for printing; Quiz (with answers) as a PowerPoint

Fairtrade Climate Crisis Factsheets (basis of the Garden Trail):
Dried Fruits and Nuts
Climate Crisis and COP26 - PowerPoint based on the factsheets

Terminology Challenge
Terms and defintions for matching
The matched terms
The terms with examples

Recordings of talks
Climate Change - Brazil
Climate Change - Media Engagement
Climate Change - Positive Tipping Points

Plant trees to help pupils and planet: Trees in Food for Thought schools in rural Uganda

How do we teach children and young people about the Climate Crisis and COP26 in a responsible way? CoDEC Schools Newsletter

Update from St Vincent since the volcanc eruption.

Links to follow up
Traidcraft - source of Fairtrade products https://www.traidcraftshop.co.uk/
Reclaim Our Common Home: CAFOD's new campaign is a response to Pope Francis’s call for a new way of thinking about the world https://cafod.org.uk/reclaim 
Parliament in your Parish - meet you MP to discuss climate issues https://cafod.org.uk/piyp
Chatham House Climate change risk assessment 2021 https://www.chathamhouse.org/2021/09/climate-change-risk-assessment-2021
Exeter Living Lab - Using systems thinking to unlock value and to improve the climate resilience of places. https://resiliencebrokers.org/about/
Exeter Living Lab - Systems Map https://kumu.io/James543/exeter-living-lab#exeter-living-lab-systems-map
Pivot Projects - developing new tools, insights, and approaches to problem solving to achieve 2050 Net Zero and UN Sustainable Development Goals https://www.pivotprojects.org/

We would welcome your feedback on the evening's event

A Fair COP

A FAIR COP: from Climate Crisis to Climate Justice

As world leaders prepare to gather for crucial COP26 climate talks, DDE is organising five sessions exploring the global dimensions to the Climate Emergency, eachhighlighting positive stories from around the world, inspiring us all to action.

Monday 20th September 6-9pm Great Big Green Week event. Workshop-type activities to help us understand the climate crisis situation and get to grips with the technical terminology, followed by more formal presentations by local experts, plus Q&A. You can download the resources from this event.

Monday 4th October, 6-7.30pm Climate Change and trade – the impact on farmers in developing countries 1st October is World Coffee Day. How is climate change affecting coffee production and other tropical crops we take for granted? Is Fairtrade a positive way to cope? You can download the resources from this event.

Monday 18th October, 6-7.30pm Climate Change and Food Security. Marking World Food Day (16th October), how are disrupted weather patterns affecting food security? You can download the resources from this event.

Monday 1st November, 6-7.30pm Youth Voices: the call for a Global Green Deal. Youth Voices: the call for a Global Green Deal.On Friday 5th November, COP26 will discuss Youth issues. We will invite young people to explain their concerns and their demand for a Global Green Deal - including voices from the Global South. You can download the resources from this event.

Monday 15th November, 6-7.30pm A FAIR COP? As COP26 ends, we will reflect on the outcomes, with a panel of experts and concerned citizens. What has been achieved? Will words turn into actions? How much safer are we, and the planet, now, than before COP26 began? You can download the resources for this event.

These events were held on Zoom

Climate Crisis Teachers workshop on 23 Sept 2021 for web

How do we teach children and young people about the Climate Crisis and COP26 in a responsible way?

FREE Teachers’ Workshop, for Teachers and TAs of all Key Stages.

Thursday 23rd September, 4:00pm to 5.30pm on Zoom with Michila Critchley from InterClimate Network

Climate disasters are being reported every day, from all parts of the world. The UN COP26 international meeting takes place in Glasgow in November. How do we, as educators, take this opportunity to help children and young people understand what is happening and explore what positive actions we can all take?

As part of the Great Big Green Week (http://greatbiggreenweek.com/) this workshop will discuss these issues.

• We will help you navigate the very large number of climate teaching resources available.

• Make climate connections to networks you are already engaged in, eg. Fairtrade, P4C, Eco-schools, Oxfam.

• Consider how to make a positive climate-response to the 4 Cs: Campus, Curriculum, Community and Culture.

• Share and co-create local opportunities to tackle this crisis.

Join us on Zoom. To register, email us at dde@globalcentredevon.org.uk

On 9th August the IPCC released their 6th report on climate change which states even more conclusively than before that human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented and sometimes irreversible ways. In response, the UN has declared a ‘code red for humanity.’ You will probably have seen the news stories of increasing floods, wildfires, and other climate disasters around the world. You might also have witnessed how climate anxiety is affecting our children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

This November, the United Nations will come together at the 26th Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, where there will be massive pressure for greater climate ambition - not just from governments, but from individuals and institutions, including schools.

This is key because:
● Young people rely on schools as trusted sources of information on climate change, and crucially, to provide role models through individual teachers and school leaders.
● Schools as institutions will be under increasing pressure to mitigate emissions, starting with the Streamline Energy and Carbon Reporting now being required of Academy Trusts.

But we know it’s not easy. Schools are under huge pressure, especially after the huge disruptions of COVID-19, and many educators feel overwhelmed, unsure about where to begin, and dubious that their actions will even make a difference.

CODEC latest Newsletter provides details of resources and training opportunities to support Teachers.