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Links to articles from 2020 detailing the Windrush scandal

24 July 2020 Without Paulette Wilson, Windrush may have remained hidden. Amelia Gentleman recalls the personality, experiences and battles of the leading campaigner.

18 July 2020 Windrush compensation so slow victims are dying before they get it.  Home Secretary Priti Patel says there have been at least five deaths after claims were submitted but before they were paid and Labour says Covid-19 has left Home Office ‘paralysed’.

10 July 2020 UK’s Windrush scandal seeing it lose influence across African continent.

10 July 2020 nquiry sought after Windrush victim case in Lewisham.

28 June 2020 That Clayton Barnes is still not a citizen shows the ongoing cruelty of ‘hostile environment.Just how long will it take for the lessons of Windrush to be learned?

22 June 2020 Windrush Day: Sadiq Khan calls on the Government to end UK’s ‘not fit for purpose’ hostile environment policy.

17 June 2020 Windrush scandal victim accused oandal victim accused of faking documents by employer receives £20,800 payout. Tribunal finds teaching assistant falsely assumed to be in the UK illegally, and told by HR she’d concocted ‘a very good story’ to hide this, was discriminated against.

13 June 2020 BBC Programme – David Olusoga opens secret government files to show how the Windrush scandal and the ‘hostile environment’ for black British immigrants has been 70 years in the making.

12 June 2020 Baby of Windrush generation taken in by Glasgow family speaks of happy childhood memories. Marie Ferguson-Blackie was just a few months old when she was taken in by a couple from a Glasgow housing estate and brought up as their own.

12 June 2020 The Windrush generation deserves justice – not video chats with the home secretary. Anthony Bryan’s ordeal was about to be dramatised in a BBC drama, Sitting in Limbo. Then the phone rang.

12 June 2020 Human rights watchdog launches investigation into whether Home Office broke equalities laws with hostile environment policy. The Government’s Home Office measures that led to the Windrush scandal potentially breached equality law, the Equality and Human Rights Commission said

8 June 2020 BBC Drama – Sitting in Limbo – A shocking drama inspired by the Windrush scandal. After 50 years in the UK, Anthony Bryan is wrongfully detained by the Home Office and threatened with deportation.

28 May 2020 Windrush scandal: only 60 victims given compensation so far. Just £360,000 distributed in first year from fund expected to pay out hundreds of millions

27 May 2020 ‘My mum said, “Why are the police arresting you? You must have done something”: the scandal behind TV’s new Windrush drama.

13 May 2020 The story of black nurses in the UK didn’t start with Windrush. As stark figures on Covid-19 deaths among BAME nurses emerge, we need to celebrate their generations-long contribution.

30 April 2020 Windrush backlog reaches 3,720 cases, Home Office reveals. More than 1,000 wrongful immigration offence reviews not started two years after scandal

29 April Windrush scandal: More than 1,000 cases yet to be considered by Home Office, figures show. Dozens waiting more than a year for decision, while just one in four requests for urgent support approved

5 April and 19 April  Podcast – ‘Generation Windrush’ is a two-part podcast documentary series hosted and produced by Jaja Muhammad. This podcast takes a deep dive into the fate and feelings of the Windrush Generation, then and now.

21 March 2020 The Windrush review is unequivocal: institutional racism played its part. Inspector Wendy Williams pulls no punches in her assessment of the ‘hostile environment’ policy – and the anguish it caused

20 March 2020 Windrush scandal shames the Home Office. Readers respond to Amelia Gentleman’s extensive coverage and the Home Office’s treatment of those affected

19 March 2020 The Windrush report shows the Home Office is broken. Here’s how it must change. The hostile environment must go – and officials must recognise their primary duty is to resolve people’s problems

19 March 2020. Windrush scandal: from offhand denial to May’s shamefaced apology. Home Office response to Guardian campaign reveals official indifference

19 March 2020 The Home Secretary made a statement to Parliament on Thursday 19th

March 2020 The Windrush Lessons Learned report was submitted to the Home Secretary on Wednesday 18th March

18 March 2020 The questions that the Windrush report must answer

10 March 2020 ‘I have been dehumanised’: the Windrush victim sleeping rough at Heathrow airport

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