Resources for Fairtrade Fortnight 2022

Resources for Schools Workshops and Community Presentations

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These resources are for the Fairtrade Fortnight Schools Conferences and for use by Primary Schools.

The materials for 2022 focus on coffee production in Rwanda

Coffee Quiz and Answers (for printing)

Coffee Quiz with Answers (PowerPoint)

Coffee timeline pictures and captions

Climate Action Wordsearch

Climate change – climate action 1, climate action 2, school pledge

PowerPoint presentation

Presentation for Primary Schools

These resources are from Fairtrade Fortnight events

PowerPoint presentations

Presentation for Adults Coffee and Climate Change

Presentation for Adults on Climate Change

Presentation for Adults on Coffee Roasting

Fairtrade and Climate Action – Thursday 24th February 2022

Presentation – Twongerekawa Fairtrade Women’s Coffee Co-op

Presentation – Roasting at Owen’s in Ivybridge; the challenges of climate change is Rwanda

Presentation – PowerPoint