Resources for Windrush Day 2020

Resources for Windrush Day Celebration

Videos used during the intervals of the Windrush Day Celebration:

Who are the Windrush Generation?

Barbers shop is at the heart of the British Community

The Bristol Bus Boycott – 1963

Where does the story of the Windrush Generation in Britain begin?

Euten’s recipes for the Caribbean Cook-along

Sweet Potato and Callaloo Galette

Rice and Gungo peas

Piquant Tomato Sauce

Windrush Foundation: Pioneers and Champions (10MB pdf) Previous commemorations have highlighted the contribution that Caribbean men and women have made and continue to make to Britain’s well-being and prosperity. Yet, the contribution their ancestors have made goes back to the 1500s.

Windrush Foundation: KS2 Lesson Plans (11MB pdf) for Studying the Empire Windrush and Caribbean migration.

Windrush Review: will lessons actually be learned?  Lina Idrees reflects on recent events