Take Mali Music and Video

Our Youtube channel includes a 'Take Mali Resources' playlist of videos of interest. 
mali dancers

Our Youtube channel includes a ‘Take Mali Resources’ playlist of videos of interest.

The Take Mali theme was specially composed for the project by South-West musician Jon Maybey. It can be listened to and used in Take Mali lessons.

Toma Sidibé et la Génie Donkili is a wonderful playlist in French by Toma Sidibé, which tells a story about Toma and his friends: “The Génie Donkili fell asleep, and when he did all sound disappeared from the country of Jamana. Toma and his friends go on a journey to find the Génie and wake him up, so they can bring back sound and music to Jamana. On the way they meet lots of interesting characters, who live in Mali and beyond.”

Of special note is Métissé, which tells of the magic of cultural diversity and is performed with children from France and from Mali.