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Multi-cultural week for a Learning Community
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Multi-cultural week for a Learning Community

For three years now our Cultural Champions have been very busy for one special week in May providing a wide range of input for schools in one Learning Community. Eight feeder primary schools take a week to focus on global cultures and religions, culminating in a special day of performance and displays at their secondary school. Each school is visited by at least one Cultural Champion who helps to provide the focus and inspiration for the week. Here are some comments from the schools:

  • “Great to be able to ask questions about China and have them answered by somebody Chinese..”
  • “The children really enjoyed learning some words of Swahili and dressing up.. it was wonderful they had a cultural expert such as Nazima to answer their questions.”
  • “Trying on the hijab was great fun…”
  • “The children enjoyed finding out about Dave’s family connections, food, money and childhood. They found the discussion on skin colour fascinating…”