Visit to Uganda 2023

Visit by Jean Harrison and Sue Errington September-October 2023

FOOD FOR THOUGHT UGANDA VISIT by Jean Harrison and Sue Errington Sept-October 2023.

This was the annual monitoring visit to check on progress with the different elements of the Food For Thought programme. This was the first visit by Jean since 2019, before the pandemic and when we had first discovered ‘READ for Life’ phonics NGO in Gulu, Northern Uganda. Sue had visited in September 2022.

This time the weather was much kinder to us – raining only during the nights. People were very pleased to receive the rain, as the first harvest had been all but lost due to drought and this growing season needs to be very good. Otherwise, to me, prices did not seem to have increased notably since last year, although fuel is about 80% UK prices.

We held a brief but useful meeting with Joseph Kasibante, Kulika Uganda’s accountant, and then set off first to Mubende and then Tororo, plus a quick visit to Gulu and a stop-over in Jinja.

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