Celebrating Windrush in Devon 2023

Celebrating Windrush 75
Windrush flag v2

We had several events in the summer of 2023 to mark the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury. On Windrush Day June 22nd at 10am the Flag Raising ceremony at County Hall and at 6:30pm a Celebration at RAMM 

Windrush Day 2023
Windrush Day 2023

On Sunday 27th August we held a Caribbean Cricket Festival hosted at Exmouth Cricket Club with a match against West Indies United.

As well as the cricket match there was a range of activities and displays and Caribbean food. The day ended with Caribbean music and dancing.

BBC Spotlight report on the Cricket Match at Exmouth (view from 0.10 secs)

The Front Room – an art installation that brought to life the nostalgic essence of a British West Indian front room – was open at Postive Light Project from Wednesday 16th to 23rd August with other contemporary exhibits.

Three Front Room Posters

ITV report on the Front Room

Front Room plus

As part of that project Nadia Lewis-Gorton created an exhibition ‘The Heroes of Windrush’

We ended our Windrush 75 Celebrations with an evening of Caribbean music and dancing.